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    Websheet questions (suggestions?)

      Okay, I've been playing with the Websheets for a week or so trying to figure out if I want to make this available to my users. The overall concept seems to be good, it would take a lot of work off of me, but knowing my users, I would still be asked lots of questions and still tasked to fix (or do) some thins they couldn't figure out, etc. So, with the preamble out of the way, here goes.

      1. Websheets would would be LOT more useful if they also allowed programming constructs, just like 'regular' Apex. Users (or probably the developers), could have access to create little "mini-forms" in the websheets that would update/populate tables and fields in the selected schema's, etc. Though I haven't tried, it would seem that perhaps this could be simulated by providing a URL to a 'regular' Apex application to display in a Websheet section, but that seems a bit 'clunky'. It wouldn't bother me if this capability was restricted to people in the Websheet 'admin' group, I surely wouldn't want regular users to have blanket permission to do this (programming), but the capability would sure make the websheets more useful and flexible.

      2. Is it possible to have the Websheets automatically create a page with at least a default section (mutiples would be a huge plus), so I (or any user) could create a report or data grid from a SQL query, and then have the pages automatically 'built' for each row returned? A posiible scenario where I'm debating allowing the users the Websheet capability is this:

      Several users are working on improving probably 500 or so records in my database for an upcoming project. It would be great to be able to provide the SQL query to generate the default report, then have a 'page' created automatically for each of the records returned. This would then allow the users a much simpler way to quickly get to the records they are interested in, and allow them to easily collaborate on the records with notes, spreadsheets, other file attachments (like PDF's they've found describing various aspects of what they are working on), etc. with the minimum amount of work on my part (DBA/Developer). I could 'program' this capability into the main app, but most users don't need/want this, and it would probably be confusing to them, and simply expanding the capabilities of the Websheets seems the most efficient use of user resources (and mine).

      I thought I had a few others, but they've slipped my mind for now. If/when I think of them again, I'll add them to this post.

      Bill Ferguson
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          3. Allow the user uploading a spreadsheet to create a table, instead of just storing the entire spredsheet as a BLOB. This would greatly help simply allowing the users to get their spreadsheets "web-accesible", cleaned up, etc., and then allow the IT folks to more easily incorporate that data into existing database structures.

          Bill Ferguson