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    how to Cancel a PO line


      we are working in oracle applications 11i. we have a PO with one line that was approved and received and then invoiced and pid from the system.

      The PO now is in the status of requires reapproval. and the accounts are not affected correcly because the item code is assigned a wrong unit of meaure that does not match the quantities of the po line.

      There is an urgent need to cancel this po line. is this possible?and how ?any workarounds?? any thing???
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          Karthik Gopaluni

          We cannot cancel PO's which are already received and or billed.

          The best way to handle this is send the PO to approval and ask the manager to reject it, once it is rejected you can/buyer can open it and update the fields.

          If you don't want it go to a manager then update the WF attributes so that it gets rejected by the WF and then do the changes.

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            Assumption is you have matched and validated the Invoice.
            Query the PO in PO summary form, goto Tools-> control and choose Open for Invoice. Now when you re-query you will be able to see Cancel PO.
            But I am not sure under which circumstance the PO has gone to Requires Reapproval, hence would not recommend you to Cancel the PO, unless you are very sure. Better to log an SR with Oracle, since data analysis is required.

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              We tried the following:
              created a new line and saved it, had the PO rejected to the buyer and the item received returned to supplier. The PO line yet could not be canceled as it already billed.

              What could be the impact of updating the table: PO_LINES_ALL? What are the other affected tables that should be modified???
              What do you advise me to do?
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                Karthik Gopaluni

                As mentioned before once billed/received we cannot cancel the PO.
                back end update needs to be done not only for PO lines table but also for the PO headers, invoice, invoice distributions etc.

                The best and fastest way for this is to do an adjustment for the differed Qty/amount. Do an account alias issue/receipt to get the required amount on the distribution account.