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    Web Cache 'Ping URL' not working.


      I have recently installed a Webcache clustered pair which sit in front of OHS which reverse proxys back to OUCM/Web Logic, my OWC version is and am looking for some clarification of how the Ping URL actually works in Web Cache.

      When OHS is shutdown, Webcache detects the service is down and prevents it from servicing requests, however it will not mark the service as down when I intentionally set ping URL to a page that does not exist generating a 404, will Ping URL polling only mark a server as being down if a 500 error is generated?

      Something else I would like clarification of is 'Ping Interval', I have set this to be aggressive at '1' however I do not see any polling traffic or see any hits in OHS log that indicate polling of the Ping URL is taking place.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Not sure I need any update to this now, I've just read through the help section 'help/edit_add_appserver.htm' and can see that a 404 is not considered a failure and also that the server only starts to poll when the failover threshold has been reached.

          This would explain why the server was not being marked as down, although I'm still not sure why I do not see the polling traffic in Apache logs but I can live with that :)