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    How to set apex_application.g_flow_owner before onDemand process?


      I am testing the functionality to have one APEX application and multiple user schemas with tables and data (for hosting purposes). I am using Oracle 10g SE which doesn't support VPD and I think it's better to have data separated across multiple schemas that to have everybody's data in a single schema.

      With apex_application.g_flow_owner you can set the schema to parse the currently running application. I'm currently testing this functionality and so far it has worked nicely. Currently I have two application processes, one onLoad and the second one onSubmit, which set apex_application.g_flow_owner. In the application every table and every procedure call is prefixed with #OWNER#. The application works as expected (i.e. shows data from the right schema) except for onDemand processes (i.e. AJAX calls).

      I think that before an onDemand process is called, apex_application.g_flow_owner should be set, otherwise the default parsing schema of the application is used. Does anyone have an idea how to do that?