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    Provisioned User Does Not Appear in FDM

      All - Any Help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

      -> We were successful in registering the Application with Shared Services.
      -> Configured the Adapter with HFM
      -> Able to see HFM Accounts from FDM
      -> Created Locations
      -> Automated Access from HFM to FDM for Native Directory User
      -> Created New Domain in Shared Services
      -> Configured Shared Services
      -> Provisioned User to HFM and FDM
      -> Successfully Logged to HFM with New User
      -> Logged into FDM with admin account, and Selected "User Maintenance"
      -> Selected on "New User" -> In the list of Users we are not able to see the Newly Provisioned User.

      We also unchecked the Trusted option in Shared Services but no luck...