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    APP-SQLAP-10252: You cannot Confirm a payment batch

      Dear all:
      IN ORACLE EBS 11.5.9 , When I click the button "Action 1" in "Payment --> Entry --> Payment Batch" and choose the "Confirm the payment Batch" will show the error:

      *"APP-SQLAP-10252: You cannot Confirm a payment batch that does not have any payment documents"*

      How can I fix the issue?

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Please see these documents.

          Note: 282133.1 - Confirm Payment Batch Gets App-Sqlap-10252
          Note: 331289.1 - Confirming a Payment Batch Errors with: APP-SQLAP-10252
          Note: 255508.1 - Confirm Payment Batch With Different Payment Documents Results in Error APP-SQLAP-10252
          Note: 370848.1 - App-Sqlap-10252 Error While Trying To Confirm A Payment
          Note: 278516.1 - After Rollup Patch 3577491 Confirm Payment Payment Batch Fails App-10252 (appbic/2)
          Note: 302734.1 - APPBCF App-Sqlap-10916 Appbic/1 Ora-01458 Invalid Lenght Inside Variable Char

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            Dear Hussein:
            Thank you for your reply. I've checked the ad_bugs and find the Patch 3682716 and 2375849 had been applied. My case seems like hit the Note: 282133.1. I was new for the AP module, I'm not sure the directory of the setting in Note 282133.1. Can you tell me the directory?

            1. Review the Preliminary Payment Register output file. It should show an invoice with Document
            Number=******* and message No Supplier Bank

            2. Check that there is an existing supplier bank

            3. Check that a supplier bank is attached to the supplier site for the impacted invoice

            4. Check that the Remit-to bank account in Invoice Payment Schedules is correctly populated.