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    Updating .FMX files on live server


      Is there a way to update the .FMX files on the server while the server is running and, potentially, clients are connected? I FTP my changes...should I be doing otherwise? I get errors (locks) because they're being used.

      If not, is there a work-around, other than downing the server to do updates?

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          Downing?.. you mean shutting down the server (machine)? You don't have to. option is to just shutdown or kill forms server and related processes...
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            Actually, I did mean downing the forms server, not the actual machine.

            Is there any other way? We could schedule our production moves at off hours, but I need to know if we can update emergency replacements without blowing everyone out of the water at once.
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              If you'll search metalink.oracle.com you'll find note 2108632.6, that says:

              Create a registry entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, ORACLE
              called FORMSxx_MMAP. The xx's represent the version of forms (4.5,
              5.0, 6.0, etc.) Set the data value of FORMSxx_MMAP to zero.

              This will solve your problem.
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                Thanks Shay!
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                  Please Shay i want to ask you where should i add this key in the server side or in
                  the workstation

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                    The original note seems to have gone from Metalink but it would seem that there is potential performance hit as the Form will have to be reloaded each time it is opened,
                    therefore it is recommended that you do not use this in a production environment.

                    I'm not sure but I get the impression that you should be setting it in one of your env files
                    if you are going to use it. Also the value change from 9i forms to FORMS90_MMAP=FALSE as opposed to 0. In addition this setting does not have any affect on the locking of plls

                    The recomended solution (for prod) appears to be to duplicate the current Forms directory, copy the updated modules, and the update the FORMS_PATH in your env file to look at the updated directory. Then new connections will use the updated modules.

                    Alternatively. If a reboot is possible you could always use the following tool:
                    windows 2003: http://tinyurl.com/c3uar

                    For further details see Metalink notes:

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                      hi guys,

                      i am sai ,i'm also using prod.environment.i read all comments and solutions but no one reached my requirement,

                      actually my requirement is i need to copy .fmx into application server whether no of clients are using or not,it should be copied and it does't affect the current application of the client.

                      method should be efficient way(i.e. do not decrease the performance)..


                      thank you...