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    FDM export to Essbase error


      I'm trying to Export data from FDM to Essbase. When I export using the 0-Replace method, I get the following error:

      Data Clear Error
      Calc Script Failed.
      Description=Essbase API Procedure: [EsbCalc] Threw code: 1012004 - 1012004 - [Wed Jul 28 15:40:11 2010]XXXXX/PLANNING/IncStmt/admin/Error(1012004)

      Invalid member name [ ]

      The 1-Merge method doesn't return this error - is load w/ replace not supported with Essbase?
      If so, does anyone know how to script a custom export event? It seems there is a way to link to a Load Rule, but I would like to generate these scripts in FDM.

      There is a related thread:
      FDM - Script
      but this doesn't work for me. Do I link to a script of type Custom (General)?

      Thanks in advance!