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    DMQ on W2K8

      Can you please tell me what the current status of DMQ running on Win2K8 is, has it been certified yet, if not is there a plan to certify it?

      What is the latest RP number and is there a minimum RP number I need for W2K8?
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          The certification for DMQ on 32bits Win2k8 has already been finished. It's basically ok except for a minimum issue. You can use the standard installation kit. And if you want, you also can upgrade to the latest RP. Currently the patch level is 46.

          On 64bits Win2k8, the certification is still in process. Given one 64bits related bug has been found, we will deliver a new patch to resolve it and other possible issues which may be found in the next certification process.

          If you want more details, you can directly contact me via my email: leo.wang@oracle.com.


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