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    dIsCheckedOut for idoc

      Hi there,

      I have a code that goes something like this:

      <$if dIsCheckedOut$>
           <\a href="<$HttpCgiPath$>?IdcService=UNDO_CHECKOUT&dID=<$dID$>">Undo Check-Out<\/a>
           <\a href="<$HttpCgiPath$>?IdcService=CHECKOUT&dID=<$dID$>&dDocName=<$dDocName$>">Check Out<\/a>

      I want to be able to display a link that says undo check-out if the file is checked-out and the check-in if it isn't checked-out.

      Now, my problem is that it seems that ""<$if dIsCheckedOut$>" is not working fine because if the file is not checked out I see the link "Check Out" BUT if it IS checked-out I still see the "Check Out" link, it's like it's ignoring the whole thing =(

      How else can I use dIsCheckedOut in this way (or use anything else)?


      Ps. sorry about the <\a but if I leave it <a the post is gonna go all crazy.