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    Installing Oracle Fusion Middleware (Forms/Reports) 11g on windows 7 x64

      Hello dears.

      I'm planning to install Forms 11g on windows 7 64 bit (installed on intel i7 core CPU 8 cores Processor x64 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD) and I just got that the new version for this installation should be (as per Oracle, this version is only certified for windows 7 with XP mode enabled). Also this version needs as pre-requirements.

      Anybody can send me any guide or installation manual to install that version will be much appreciated (see notes below)

      I have another question: Oracle download mentions sometimes a download file as x86 and another download as x86-64 (as in version for windows). Does the latter(x86-64) means that the file with x86-64 can be installed on both x86 and x64 processors? If this ok, so I have the version x86-64 ready to be installed.

      Note: I have Windows 7 with XP mode enabled.

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          Check out document: E12003-01 - Oracle Fusion Middleware Quick Installation Guide for Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer in the Oracle Forms Documentation web page.

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            Sorry .. I read the outlines but nothing mentioned about the for windows 7 x64 as it needs specific installation as per above ..
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              Oracle typically won't release a new set of product documentation unless there are significant changes between point releases. I got the impression that you might have access to My Oracle Support. If so, check out Document ID: 854117.41 How to Install Fusion Middleware / Forms and Reports Only. Document ID: 1108940.1 - Availability of Oracle Forms/Reports Builders Version 11g on 64 bit Platforms might be of interest too.

              If you don't have access to My Oracle Support, it looks like the only difference in the first document is that you use the "wls1032_generic.jar (for all 64-bit platforms)" to start the Oracle Installer versus the wls1032_win32.exe for 32-bit Windows installation.

              Hope this helps,
              Craig B-)

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                Well, I tried the generic.jar file with version 10.3.2 for 64 bit and it was installed successfully. When I'm trying to install the (x86-64) it comes to a stage during the installation and it sleeps. I left my laptop for 1 hour, and the installation couldn't continue.
                Because of that I think (and other reasons that is not certified for windows 7 64-bit) I'm trying to install the But if the latter version requires the as pre-installation and it's (the certified on windows 7 64-bit with XP mode enabled, then I think all the installation should take place with XP mode enabled on my OS and starting by

                I hope Oracle will describe the full process of installation to remove any ambiguity.

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                  Denis Segard-Oracle

                  You said :" ..it comes to a stage during the installation and it sleeps.." .

                  What is this step ? Is it the Domain Creation ?

                  If yes, there is a known problem on Windows 64 bits system when a directory like "C:\Program Files (x86)\..;" is in the PATH

                  The solution : set the PATH to a "minimal" value before launching setup.exe :

                  set PATH=%WINDIR%;%WINDIR%\system32

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                    Hello Denis,,,

                    Unfortunately, I got the same problem. When it comes to the creation of the domain, the setup sleeps. :(

                    Any other idea ?

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                      Hello guys,,,

                      Any help plz ?


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                        Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                        It sounds like there are several issues.

                        Our (Oracle) certification for Windows 7 x64 ONLY refers to the 32bit version of the FMw software (see the cert table cell 67F). You should not attempt to install the FMw x64 release, as even if you manage to get it installed, it will not be supported. This means you should be doing the following:

                        For all installers below, I would recommend starting the installation by right clicking on the executable and selecting "Run as Administrator".  Also, I would recommend disabling Windows UAC prior to beginning the installation.  Turn it back on after the installation if desired.*

                        *... o Download:*




                        *... o Install:*

                        Install and configure WLS as prompted.
                        Install, but do NOT configure (Choose the Install Software only option when prompted)
                        Install patch.
                        Run the Configuration Wiz.

                        See MyOracleSupport Note 1073776.1 for more details.

                        Also, the installation on Windows 7 (x86 or x64) is only intended for single user use, generally as a design-time environment. It is not intended to be accessed remotely or by more than one user. Windows 7 is not a server platform and Oracle FMw should not be used as such on this platform. Refer to the FMw Certification documentation for more information.
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                          HUGE THANK YOU TO Denis Segard for the helpful tip about the PATH variable. I had been stuck at the "creating domain" stage everytime, no matter what I tried. In the logfiles it would show that it hangs when loading StartUtil64.dll

                          After a long couple of days working on this, I've finally installed and configured Fusion 11g (Forms & Reports) on my laptop in Win7 64bit OS and it is working great... thanks to Denis tip about the PATH environment variable.

                          Here is a summary of the steps I followed to install all of this on 64 bit windows 7.

                          it is very similar to the steps Michael Ferrante posted, but for 64 bit windows you must of course use different downloads and you launch the generic wsl installer from the command line with a "java -jar" using a 64 bit JRE.

                          first step is to have a 64 bit JDK or JRE installed on your computer.

                          Then you download the wls1033_generic.jar file from Oracle's edelivery site:

                          the download file is actually a zip file named V21016-01.zip The zip contains the single jar file.

                          launch the Weblogic Server Installer for 10.3.3 by typeing
                          java -jar wls1033_generic.jar
                          after the wls has been installed you are ready to install Forms Reports, etc. *After installing wls remember to stop the Node Manager service if you chose to set that up in the wls installer.  It uses the 5556 port and it could cause complications if that service is running when we later get to the final configuration step after the patch has been applied.

                          Download the 64 bit versions of the four fusion disks for


                          then run the setup.exe from disk1 after you've expaneded those zips.
                          Do NOT run the configuration step. Only install the software

                          then download the 64 bit version of the patch
                          after expanding that zip run the setup.exe

                          Once you've installed the patch it is time to configure Fusion, create the domain, config forms and reports, etc.

                          Open a CMD command window. Run it As Administrator.

                          Set PATH=%WINDIR%;%WINDIR%\System;%WINDIR%\System32

                          cd C:\oracle\Middleware\Fusion_OracleHome\bin


                          By cleaning up the PATH variable, the config runs smoothly without hanging when it gets to Createing Domain.