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    ORA-16664: unable to recive the result from a database during "switchover"

      I need some help on 11gR2 Data Guard.

      I set up a primary database, and a standby database. I created a configuration in the dgmgrl. I set up all the initial parameters in both primary and standby databases. I made sure that there is no lag of any kind. and LogXptMode was "SYNC".

      Then I did "switchover to [my standby db name]" in dgmgrl at the primary database site, and
      I got the ORA-16664 error and the switchover failed. I received a message,
      "Unable to switchover, primary database is still [my primary db name]"

      But here is the worst part. When I do "show configuration" I get many errors.
      ora-16810: multiple errors or warnings detected for the database in my primary database and
      ora-16664: unable to receive the result from a database in my standby database.

      and many more....

      Any idea? I just don't know why it isn't working.