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    Call OAF Page from JSP


      I have created a JSP page and OAF page and tried to call OAF page from JSP page. But it is asking me EBs login credential. But I want to open it directly means with out passing any login credential.

      I am passing URL while open a test jsp page


      And while calling OAF page I am passing bellow URL in form tag

      form action="OA.jsp?page=/KP/oracle/apps/xxeis/reporting/EisReportSubmitPG?

      Its urgent. Please help me on that.

      Thanks in Advance.

      Subhas Samanta
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          Hi Subhas

          In that case you need OA Framework - Develop Page that does not require login..Refer this


          Hope it helps!!!

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            Hello Subhas,

            Use this code in your jsp to call the OA Page.

            function customForm(pIDValue){

            document.location.href = pIDValue;


            String party_id = "";
            Hashtable globalIDs = new Hashtable(amsPage.getPageIDs());

            if (globalIDs != null){
            qfeq_party_id = (String)globalIDs.get("partyID");
            StringBuffer expIntUrl = new StringBuffer("jtfcrmchrome.jsp?OAFunc=ASF_PERSN_INTEREST_TYPE_XXFUN&PID="+party_id);
            String expIntUrlStr = ServletSessionManager.getURL(expIntUrl.toString());
            System.out.println("forward url :"+expIntUrlStr);
            out.println("<input name=\"restBtn\" type=\"button\" value=\"Add/Edit\" onClick=\"JavaScript:customForm('" +expIntUrlStr+ "');\">");

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              The approach mentioned by Venkatesh works.

              Including few more details:

              from JSP page use code as "jtfcrmchrome.jsp?OAFunc=XXTEST_FUN" to call OAF page.

              Here "XXTEST_FUN" is a AOL function. This function is of type "JSP Interoperability" and mention destination page path (i.e. OAF page path) in webHtml property.

              let us know if you have any issues.

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                Hello Anand and Venkatesh,

                Thanks for your quick replay....

                Still now I am unable to open OA page from JSP. But I am getting blank JSP page while opening JSP page at first.

                Please give some sample code.

                Thanks in Advance
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                  Hi Subas

                  Please search jdev guide for "Launching an OA Framework Region from a JTT Application Menu"

                  You will find steps.. :)

                  In addition do refer these threads
                  Re: Call OA page from a jsp page
                  Re: Call OA page from a jsp page

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                    The above mentioned approach to call OAF page from JSP page is tried and tested. It should work properly.

                    Basic approach is to call OAF page using code "jtfcrmchrome.jsp?OAFunc=XXTEST_FUN" where "XXTEST_FUN" is a AOL function and is of type "JSP Interoperability".

                    You said you were getting blank JSP page, there must be some error in your JSP code. Do not use exact code mentioned by Venkatesh as it is. That was just a sample code.

                    Check jserv.log file when you get some error in the JSP page.

                    Let us know at which step you are facing problem.

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                      Hi Subas,
                      If you have already followed the steps mentioned in doc http://apps2fusion.com/at/61-kv/317-oa-framework-page-without-login-guest-no-security to develop the OAF page which can be accessed using GUEST session then before accessing the OAF page link you need to first validate the session which will create a GUEST session if there is no existing User session. So you can create a generic JSP page (not needed to be JTT page) with below code. Please check if below code works

                      Test.jsp :

                      <%@ page
                      language = "java"
                      contentType = "text/html"
                      import = "oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.URLMgr,


                      WebAppsContext wctx = WebRequestUtil.validateContext(request,response); // This should create Guest session when no User session exists


                      <title>JSP Page</title>


                      <a href="/"<%=url = URLTools.generateSecureURL("OA.jsp?OAFunc=GUEST_FUNCTION", wctx) %">/">OAFramework Page</a><br>

                      PS : Please remove / from the href before double quotation mark.</a>
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                        Just trying my luck here to get a reply from this old post.

                        Hashtable globalIDs = new Hashtable(amsPage.getPageIDs());

                        in the above code, what amsPage stands for?