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    Direct Path and OCI_THREADED error

      I'm trying to use Direct Path Loading with Threads in a Oracle Database.
      I initialize the OCI function with mode OCI_THREADED, alloc all handles (Error, Service, Context...), connect to
      the server, open a session an when I try to create the Direct Path Context it print the follow error message: 'Error - ORA-24330: internal OCI error'

      The Oracle8i Error Message.pdf says that is a internal error and i should contact Oracle Customer Support.

      Any one can help me???
      How can I create a multithread app using Direct Path Loading???
      Is it possible???
      What is the best way, in a multithread app, to insert about 3.000 rows per second in a simple table?
        • 1. Direct Path and OCI_THREADED error
          This was a bug that is fixed in the next

          Direct path API in, & pre- will generate an "ORA-24330:
          internal OCI error" if OCIInitialize() is called with OCI_THREADED mode.
          This is a known bug (Bug #1666360). A fix was also backported to