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    Source for Document Type Layouts.

      Oracle Delivered XSLFO Style Sheets (Sourcing Style sheet, Standard Purchase Order Style sheet) for the Document Types(Sourcing RFQ Sourcing RFQ, Purchase Order Standard). Can any one tell me Where are these style sheets getting data from ? From which Tables it is getting Data ?

      Please tell me where can i get this information from. Thank's in Advance.
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          the style sheets are downloaded via the xml publisher admin reponsiblity for 11i and 12. you will also need to
          get the xml publisher client extension from oracle support and add to ms word 2003 or 2007.

          the po data in r11 comes from po_lines and po_headers_all. supplier info is from po_vendors and po_vendor_sites_all. there is a good white paper on technet on how to use xml publisher
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            Thanks for replying. I know that we can download the XSL style sheets from xml publisher admin responsibility and modify according to our customizations. My question is In R12 for Standard Purchase Order Style sheet it is getting the data from PO_HEADERS_XML, PO_LINES_XML Views. In the same way from which views or tables it is getting the data for Sourcing Style sheet? and how it is refereed in Sourcing Style sheet (XSL).

            Thanks in advance.
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              The package PON_PRINTING_PKG.GENERATE_AUCTION_XML ultimately drives the data source for the Sourcing Style Sheet.
              You may have to extend the objects along the way to do a proper customization or decide to do an invasive approach.