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    Fund Baselining

      Hi All,
      I am very new to oracle projects billing module, i had a issue while baselining the fund in (R12)

      1) I created a project from a template called T,Billable.

      2) I created a Agreement for that project for one customer.

      3) I funded the task.

      But When I am trying to baseline the funding from Billing -->Funding Inquiry -->Baseline Function
      I am getting an error “Task funding is not equal to the budget total of the task. To baseline a draft budget, the budget total must be as same as funding total"

      Even "Baseline Funding without Budget" is enabled

      I tried from the application and also with the API “pa_baseline_funding_pkg.create_budget_baseline" getting the same error...........

      It will be helpful if u provide link for the any documents for the Projects billing/Projects for basics in module
      Thanks in Advance....