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    OIOUBL 2.0 as e-commerce gateway

    Lena Kudahl
      i need help regarding OIOUBL. In Denmark (where i am working) all commerce with the goverment and counties in Denmark situated companys has to communicate in a an eelctronic form called OIOUBL 2.0. Myquestion to you is if you know if that is possible in OeBS 11.5.8 and forward.

      This need to be working from 1 may 2011 and we need to take care of this issue wright now. It's a denamd on all invoices regardless if it is custom or supplier invoices or everything aroound that. But i am also looking into the documents around OM, PO and other moduls.

      Do any have any information regarding this?

      Thannks in advance
      Lena Kudahl