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    support for exp and imp in 11g


      Is exp and imp utility supported in 11g ?
      please provide me some oracle documentation link.

      Can a dump file of 10g which is created with 'exp' utility be imported in 11g using 'imp' utility.
      Or this has to be done only with 'expdp' and 'impdp' utility.

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          yes you can do , but you have so many features with datapump(compression, faster), then why should you use still taraditional?
          but still exp/imp are for compatibility. in 11g

          check http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/server.920/a96652/ch01.htm

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            EXP/IMP is desupported in 11gR1 :
            But yes, you could still use it.

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              Read below link
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                Yes that is possible.

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                  There are a number of reasons you may want to use the traditional IMP/EXP.

                  To use Data Pump you need the DBA to set you up.
                  The traditional tools are client/server oriented, so as long as you have a user connection to the DB you can do use EXP and IMP.
                  But, to use DataPump, you have to request access to a Server Dir (that means you need to ask both the DBA and the Sys admin to set you up).
                  If you are exporting from one server and importing into another, then you may need 4 guys to give you access, disk space, and what not.

                  Last and least, the backward compatibility. If, for example, you have scripts that use IMP/EXP to automatically move stuff between two DBs, you may not want to start rewriting them.

                  I really hope they don't de-support the good old traditional nice IMP/EXP.