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    Matching invoice to Purchase Order with higher amount without warning

      Oracle Applications :

      PO was created via iProcurement with line type, service amount(The Value Basis is Amount). The order quantity is 100, unit price is 5, amount is 500
      I created a invoice in AP and try to match it to this PO from invoice workbench.

      In the Match to Purchase order Window, I changed the quanitity invoiced from 100 to 200, Amount updated to 1000 automatically. Then click the match button. There is a warning: This match will result in an overbill.

      But when I update the Match Amount from 500 to 1000, the unit price updated from 5 to 10. And system did NOT give me a warning notice.
      I know that Payables automatically calculates and enters the remaining field (Quantity Invoiced x Unit Price = Match Amount).
      but can someone tell me why system doesnot give a warning when I update the Match Amount? Is there any setup we can set to let system pop up warning?