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    UTL_MAIL.SEND mime_type

    rob heinen

      Does anyone know the alternatives for default the mime_type in the utl_mail.send routine?

      The problem I need solved is the fact that emails arrive at some destinations malformed because the screen resolution of the recipient's pc is too low. Therefore I would like to lower the font size in the email sent.

      Any solutions anyone?

      Thanks in advance.

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          You have 2 basic choices of sending mail. Plain text format... as what e-mail was originally designed for.. Or as a html format.. which requires a HTML parser and rendering engine on the e-mail client/reader side.

          The easiest and simplest and most elegant format is plain text. Mime format is text/plain. The mail reader should display this without any problems as it will be using its configured defaults for that platform (netbook, laptop, PC, iPad, phone or whatever) to display the text using the most appropriate font.

          If you send HTML, Mime Type text/html, you need to specify font types and sizes that the e-mail reader's rendering engine must use. Which means what you select as font type and size may fit one platform perfectly, and not another platform.

          So my suggestion is use e-mail as it was originally designed - send plain text and not html text. I only break this rule myself when I need to send formatted data via e-mail (usually error notifications, stack traces and the like). In that case I will use html, but then I also know exactly that recipients will be using their desktop PCs (which makes selecting font sizes and so on) a lot easier.