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    encrypt a colum and make it gibberish using TDE

      Trying to set a table column with TDE using the instructions detailed at :
      _http://oracleflash.com/26/Oracle-10g-Transparent-Data-Encryption-exampl es.html.
      http://www.oracle.com/technology/obe/10gr2db_vmware/security/tde/tde.h tm

      How could this technology be leveraged so that encrypted column, when rendered by a
      statement in sql plus-
      select SENSITIVE_DATA from tde;
      produce a result set of this sort :


      Essentially, would like the column to be rendered unreadable when requested.
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          Andy Klock
          It can't. Oracle TDE encrypts data at the OS file level. It protects data from someone directly accessing the data files. You need to have an Oracle wallet and if you don't you'll get something like "ORA-28365: wallet is not open" when trying to access encrypted data. What you are describing can be done with something like DBMS_CRYPTO:


          You'll need to encrypt the data on on insert (and update) and then decrypt it when read. It's good that you are working on encrypting data. It's a valuable skill.