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    issues when  deploying apex listener to tomcat

    Keith Jamieson

      I'm looking for a set of instructions (pretty much foolproof) for installing the apex listener to tomcat.

      So far I have managed to deploy the listener and tomcat tells me that the listener is configured.

      I do realise I have to copy the images to the tomcat directory (I rolled back to try and get it going again).

      So the images go into tomcat/root /i

      I assume we rename images directory to i . so what was tomcat/root/images becomes tomcat/root/i

      I can see the apex war has been deployed.

      Where does apex_config.xml go?
      are we supposed to run the sample_capture.sql script?

      When I run http://localhost:8080/apex/ListenerConfigure I get message now:

      "The APEX Listener is already Configured. Please login as Administrator to access APEX Listener Administration."

      When I run http://localhost:8080/apex/ListenerAdmin i get prompted for username and password.

      if I put in apexAdmin as username and admin as password , the values are not accepted.
      Finally (3rd attempt) I get "This request requires HTTP authentication"

      There is a similar problem with ApexStatus.

      Finally If I type http://localhost:8080/apex/ I get Requested url http://localhost:8080/apex/ is not allowed.

      Is there a step by step guide for installing apex listener under tomcat ??