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    Single sign on for opening a link


      We have followed the instructions given in the read me document for single sign on from HFM to FDM.
      We have done the necessary setup.But when clicking on the link,it opens another window,tries to open the link
      but then error appears as "page cannot be displayed".
      Does anybody have any idea regarding this ?

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          The problem may be with the link itself - Have you tried copying the link and opening it in a browser independently of single-sign on?

          We had a problem where our foreign user's browsers did not always recognize our FDM URLs as Local Intranet URLs. We set the SSO link to include the fully qualified server name (including the domain, i.e., http://servername.localdomain.company.com/...). We also needed users on different domains to add '*.company.com' to their browser's 'Local Intranet' site list and set the list's security to 'Low'.