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    OC help me?

      when I was installing OC , I was encountered with the following questions:

      according to the< Oracle® Clinical Installation Guide Release 4.6> the section of creating of a new clinical database--Install Oracle Clinical 4.6 Database Objects. after exect the ' oc\middle_tier\install\setup.exe' there shoud be a ' OC Database Install ' to select but I do not have this selection. the Installer Screens just have two selections as 'OC FRONT END' and 'oc report server' .

      did anyone know that why? and how can i install the clinical database objects to the database?

      OS : windows 32bit
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          I have same problem. How did you resolve this problem?

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            Creating New OC database consists of 2 steps

            1) Create empty database by calling dbca from your ORACLE_HOME(11g home) -- you might have created default db while installing the software itslef
            2) call "oc\*<servercode>*\install\setup.exe" from extracted software binary
            during this installation select "OC Database Install" from available product

            Follow the OUI screen to complete installation....

            setup.exe not from "mid_tire" but from "server_code"