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    Purchase Requisitions Approval Error


      We are working in Oracle Applications 11i. We have the follwoing modules installed and used: Purchasing, Inventory, HRMS(Payrol), General Ledger, Assets, Payables.

      I am trying to fill in the gaps in our initial setup in order to enable the user to use Purchase Requistions documents.

      Purchasing Super User wishes to create a Purchase requistion herself and get it approved and then distribute the approved requistions amongst the buyers. Is this possible??? How can we implement this? Can we assign the superuser to aan approval hierarchy of one level?

      Also, I have created a multi-level position approval hierarchy , run Fill Employee Hierarchy, and assigned it to the Purchase Requisition document.
      Me, in the 1st level have created a Purchase Requistion,I submitted for approval and then had the error:

      APP-PO-14142: In Exception of Start_Wf_Process()-PO_REQAPPROVAL_INIT1.Start_WF_Process: In Exception handler: ORA-20002: 3108: Root Process could not be determined for item XXXXX. There may be a problem with item type selector function, or you may be required to supply a starting process Name.

      Can someone advise please....

      Thank you...
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          Check if these notes help:

          POXRQERQ: APP-PO-14142 In Exception of Start_WF_Process()-PO_REQAPPROVAL_INIT1.Start_WF_Process [ID 189774.1]
          After Upgrade PO_REQAPPROVAL_INIT1.Start_WF_Process ORA-01654 WF_ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES_PK tablespace [ID 468516.1]

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            thank you for your help.

            I found out that for the document type Requisitin Purchase, i have not populated the field Workflow startup process.
            I populated it with Main Requisition Approval. I approved the document again and the document now is IN PROCESS.
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              Hi again,

              Now please help me in the first part of my post.

              How can I setup Purchasing Requisition in one-level hierarchy and approval?
              After the Reuisition is approved, in order to control the load balance , how can the super user distribute it to buyers to follow up the standard purchase order and submit it for approval?

              Thank you