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    Searching RFQ in iSupplier Portal

      HI All,

      In Isupplier Portal , we can see RFQ tab


      In this v can search an RFQ created in Purchasing Module, but we dont receive an notification in iSupplier Portal?

      can we send a RFQ from Purchasing responsibility to iSupplier Portal?

      is it possible?


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          is it possible?
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            Not sure if you can do this from Oracle Purchasing.... but you can create an RFI/RFQ from Oracle Sourcing.

            In Oracle Sourcing, you can create the RFQ/RFI and this will become available in I-Supplier portal for the supplier to create a response to the proposal online and answer all the questions asked in the RFQ.

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              Dear SYR

              I dont think so it is possible or i can say yet we have not tried this option, but logically if we go in detail in that case if we are creating the RFQ in purchasing module in that case based on the hard copy submitted by the supplier buyer will capture his quote details in the system and the will analyze the same and create the PO.

              Also note if you have implemented the Sourcing module in that case we can create the RFI, RFQ or Auction in the sourcing module and we can publish the same for the suppliers and if the suppliers are register with the system they can submit there quote online. Also Sourcing module give us the more flexibility while working on RFQ transaction such as we can use attributes, requirements, scoring etc...

              And the RFQ created in the sourcing application the same can be viewed in the isupplier responsbility under order tab.

              If you required any help in detail for the sourcing module please let me know.

              Manoj N Bhosale