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    Study Template in OC?

      If I have an OC study, can I use this as a template for a new study? And, if so how?


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          I also opened a ticket in Mwtalink to this question and got this response.

          Copying Clinical Studies

          Study Template in OC? Can I use an existing study as a template for a new study? And if so, how?

          There is no study template as such, but you can use an existing study by copying the details to another.

          Oracle Metalink Note 316117.1 - Oracle Clinical Release 4.5.1 Documentation
          Oracle Clinical Release 4.5.1 Creating A Study
          Part 1 - Designing Studies
          2 - Planning and Designing a Study
          Copying Clinical Studies
          You can copy the details of a clinical study. This is limited to the Clinical Studies, Clinical Study Enrollment Criteria, Clinical Study Termination Criteria, Study Comments, Clinical Study History, and Study Regions tables. The copying function does not copy the Study Design. Use the Copy a Clinical Study Version function to copy the actual Design.

          This utility is useful for importing the attributes of an existing study into a new study. Use this utility to reduce the effort required to design a new study when a similarly structured study already exists. This differs from copying a study version, where the system copies all attributes of another version exactly as is, including randomization. Before you can copy the attributes of one study to another, the target study must--at least--be at the planned level of development.

          Select or query the record you want. You cannot insert, delete, or update in this window. Click the Copy Study button to view the Copy Study window, where you specify information about the new study.

          1. From the Design menu, select Studies, then choose Copy Clinical Studies. The Clinical Studies window opens, listing only the studies available for copying attributes.
          2. Enter—or query—the study code for the study to copy.
          3. Click the Copy Study button.
          4. Use the list function to choose a target study--the study to acquire the attributes of the study you selected in the previous screen. Note: There is no recourse from the following step. Cancel if you are not certain you are selecting the correct target study.