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    APEX 4.0, pagination problem of interactive report after upgrade

      Hi all,
      I recently upgraded to apex 4.0 and I have a weird problem with the pagination of an interactive report.
      1. the pagination is stuck on 15 rows per page, there isn't a way to change it
      2. if I change the pagination type to "no pagination selected" I still receive only 15 rows per page, but now I can't see above the first 15 rows
      3. playing with the maximum row count does not make any difference on the problem

      I have another interactive report on a different page that the setting is "no pagination selected" (which was configured like that in apex 3.2.1)
      and over there I can see all the records at once.

      Is there a way to change the pagination so I would see all the records?
      Is there a way to change the number of rows i receive in each page if I do use the pagination feature?