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    DBControl Creation using EMCA Fails? Dont worry

      Hello All,

      Quicklinks: [Master Note for EMCA | https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=1099271.1]

      Oracle Database can be monitored using Enterprise Manager Database Control or Enterprise Manager Grid Control. Enterprise Manager Grid Control is a central monitoring and administration console to monitor number of Oracle Databases along with other Oracle and non Oracle products. Enterprise Manager Database Control is standalone management console which can monitor and administer a single-instance / clustered Oracle Database. The Database control is installed as part of Oracle Database (RDBMS) software. The Enterprise Manager Database Control is popularly referred to as Database Control or DBControl or DBConsole. This can be configured using Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) at the time of creating a database or using Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (EMCA) which is a command line utility.
      Are you facing problems in creating, configuring or deleting Enterprise Manager Database Control in a Single Instance Database Environment? If yes, I would recommend you to look at our one stop shop document ["Master Note for Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (EMCA) in Single Instance Database Environment" (Doc ID: 1099271.1) | https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=1099271.1]

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          DBControl Creation using EMCA Fails
          I don't know what you have.
          I don't know what you do.
          I don't know what you see.
          It is really, Really, REALLY difficult to fix a problem that can not be seen.
          use COPY & PASTE so we can see what you do & how Oracle responds.

          Post Operating System (OS) name & version for DB server system.
          Post results of
          SELECT * from v$version;