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    No Alerts generated for DDL/DML operations performed as SYS User

      We have Oracle AV server and AV Agent running on with Bundle Patch #1.

      We are getting all alerts for DDL/DML Operations as normal user. We are using OSAUD COllector and we also audit SYS Operations.

      However, any operation done thru Super user (SYS) does not generate alert event though same action done by normal user generates the alert.

      for e.g., create/drop user done thru normal user generates the alert but if I do the same operation thru SYS user it does not generate the alert.

      The fact that alerts are getting generated signifies that everything is working fine. But we are perplexed as to why it is not generating alerts thru SUPER user.

      Has anybody faced such situation ?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Viral Shah