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    FDM error

      Hi ,

      I am new to FDM

      I am loading data into HFM using FDM, and the data is loading into HFM successfully, but in FDM after Export the check is giving error... is not changing from white fish to Gold and in the data load validation pdf am getting error's like the below.

      Rule Name Rule Definition Value
      OK Balance Check Assets = Liabilities + Equity 0.00
      Error Intercompany Intercompany Template Detail = IC Balance on Balance Sheet (6,3454,45)

      OK CapEx = Additions Cash Flow CapEx = PP&E Additions 0.00

      OK PPE Detail = Net PPE PPE Rollforward Detail = Net PPE on Balance Sheet 0.00

      OK Public Disclosure Net Sales Public Disclosure Net Sales = Income Statement Net Sales 0.00

      OK Beg Bal Chg in P. Stock Current Pd Beg Balance = Prior Year End Balance 0.00

      Error Beg Bal Chg in APIC Current Pd Beg Balance = Prior Year End Balance (21,321.59)

      Error Beg Bal Chg in RE Current Pd Beg Balance = Prior Year End Balance (34,345,323.23)

      Why am i getting the error? if the value is zero it is showing PASS, other wise it is giving error.
      Do i need to change the validation rules? I think the validation rule is correct, since we are migrating it from 9.3 to i just copied from there to here.

      Please help me solve this. It's urgent
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          Some of your rules are correct,hence they are giving the message 'OK'.
          Other rules you have to thoroughly check the logic.
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            This is actually not an error--it's the expected behavior. When using #ModeRule, "Pass" is displayed when the validation is true, and "Error" is displayed when the validation is false.

            In other words, the rule is working as written, the data set has just failed the validation.
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