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    Scheduler not worked for ONE DAY

      Hi all,

      I have a Publisher Report which is Scheduled Everyday. It is working fine from the last couple of months.
      But last Friday, it got failed. I am unable to get the reason why it failed to RUN?
      I got the error message :
      System Message oracle.apps.xdo.servlet.scheduler.ProcessingException: Job execution failed because the user who scheduled this job has no more permission or priviledge to run the job. [REPORT_URL]=[RightSource Reports/Associate Productivity/Orders Out By Associate/Orders Out By Associate.xdo], [USERNAME]=[rxb0845]
           at oracle.apps.xdo.servlet.scheduler.XDOJob.execute(XDOJob.java:356)
           at org.quartz.core.JobRunShell.run(JobRunShell.java:195)
           at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$WorkerThread.run(SimpleThreadPool.java:520)

      I just want to know, if it was working fine then why did I get the failure on that particular day?
      It happened for that day only.... It is now working fine...
      Our Client wants explanation on this....
      Could anybody help me out?
      Please let me know the root cause....

      Thank you
      Gajanand Vadapalli
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          hi Gajanand ,
          IS any one run the report at the time of scheduling users manually ?

          Means if a report is scheduled at 5PM every day if some user (user1) runs the report by logging to bipublisher and manually clicking on scheduling report at 5PM

          IF that's the case report ll not schedule ...

          Check the user permissions too

          I faced the exact issue ,

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            Is BI Pub using the BI Server security model?

            Can you check the BI Server log and see if any of the BI services went down that day?

            I'm speculating, but maybe the BI Pub scheduler tried to execute a job while the BI server was down and therefore could not do an authentication of the user who scheduled the report. I don't know if the BI Pub scheduler attempts to do this or not. And, this would only be a possibility if BI Pub is using the BI Server security model.