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    How to switch between prompts in the same node

      I have a node which plays a prompt to enter Employee ID, which also collects the user digits. I have a 2 expressions which checks for the validity of the input. When the user doesnot enter anydigits it plays "We didnot enter any digits" and goes back to node where you plays the employee id and get user digits. The requirement is to play a different prompt instead of "Enter Employee ID" prompt but the logic below should be the same. How do I switch between 2 prompts in the same node.
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          You will probably need to put in a variable and then check for the value prior to playing the prompt.

          You can use expressions to check the value of your 'flag' variable.
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            I would set up a variable before you get to that node, lets call it $EmpID and assign to it the value of the prompt you want to play lets say 12345 which would be the library promptID. It will then play prompt, get digits, and once you validate if it goes through the expression that flags it as invalid, in that node re-declare the variable, but this time give it the value of the new prompt you want to play, then sent it back to the node which will then play the new prompt and collect the digits.