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    Performance bottleneck diagnostic

      We've got an JDEV integrated WLS that runs extremely slow.
      OS (Windows) is reporting plenty of available CPU and memory. minperm size is set to 256M and max to 896M.

      The main frustration here is inability to detect where is the bottleneck? What is the "wait event" (using the Oracle database server terminology)

      A pointer to a guide/tool/method for troubleshooting this type of issues would be appreciated greatly...

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          Well you have a number of options. I am not up to speed on the latest versions, but I would initially approach this by taking thread dumps at 1 minute intervals and looking for deadlocks.
          You can take the thread dumps by doing the Windows equivalent of a kill -3 on the process, or by using the jrcmd tool, or from the weblogic console.

          You could also attach the Mission Control tools, and take recordings.