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    Servlets vs Webservices

      Though it is a simple question for many of you.
      I would request some major points in terms of invention of Webservices over other J2EE technologies like Servlets, JSPs.
      I'm so sorry if I ask a stupid question.

      Q) what are the advantages of Webservices over a Servlet and what makes me to choose Webservice where my Servlet can also do that ?

      Appreciate your ideas/thoughts/arguements/suggestions/clarifications... :)

      Thanks :) Have a Nice Day.
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          Servlets are easy to create. One disadvantage is servlets don't have ability to display the data/format they are expecting and response they will be giving out. Webservices do. webservices are discoverable. You expose a servlet and people will not know how to use it with out an explicit documentation from the servlet. These are few on top of my mind.And there are many more use-cases that webserices can support which servlets cannot