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    BURSTING - separate output file to individual

      I have a report that generates a batch of documents, in one request each separated by one ID.
      How can I have this file split to have one document for each Page, instead of one document?

      The example below shows my XML Data Output and how it hold all the information together. I am looking to segragate the output for each <G_PP_NUMBER> to generate one .pdf file that will be sent to the <EMAIL_ADDRESS>
      - <LIST_G_INVOICE>
      - <G_INVOICE>
      <DESCRIPTION>Primer Extensions</DESCRIPTION>
      <CUSTOMER_NAME>Health Protection Agency</CUSTOMER_NAME>
      <PP_AMOUNT />
      - <LIST_G_INVOICE>
      - <G_INVOICE>
      <DESCRIPTION>Customer deposit</DESCRIPTION>
      <CUSTOMER_NAME>Imperial College London</CUSTOMER_NAME>
      <PROJECT />
      <PP_INVOICE_CONTACT>Imperial College - Prof Wells</PP_INVOICE_CONTACT>
      <ADDRESS1>Level 3</ADDRESS1>
      <ADDRESS2>Sherfield Building</ADDRESS2>
      <ADDRESS3 />
      <ADDRESS4 />
      <COUNTRY>United Kingdom</COUNTRY>

      ANY Help will be greatly appreciated
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          It depends strongly what BI Publisher version you are talking about, since bursting is differently
          provided in EBS, Peoplesoft or a standalone BI Publisher.

          In the following I assume that your question is about a standalone BI Publisher
          That is what our bursting functionality is for. It runs the data in one query and creates a large XML dataset.
          However, we seperate the bursting information from the data. you will need to create a seperate bursting
          query that requires all the delivery information for a specific key - i.e. PP_NUMBER.

          While we provide a funtionality as you require in E-Business Suite, we had customers that do not have
          the delivery information in the data and we found it a cleaner approach to have delivery information
          independent of the data.

          If your email address and pp_number are in a database it should be easy to create a query that provides
          the bursting information. Hope that helps,

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            We are using XML Publisher with EBS - Not the Enterprise version.

            We also do have the PP_NUMBER and the EMAIL_ADDRESS in the XML DATA, can you point me to an example on how I can then trigger the segreation of documents??

            Thanks in Advance
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              Ashish Shrivastava-Oracle
              Have a look on XDOBURSTRPT executable seeded in EBS for Bursting Report.

              Here are the steps

              Concurrent Program:
              -Name : XML Publisher Report Bursting Program
              -Short Name : XDOBURSTREP

              Upload the bursting control file to respective Report Data Defintion. Run the Report as Normal Report.
              Once the Report completed successfully, Run the XML Publisher Report Bursting Program and pass
              the Report Request ID as parameter. This will access the data and control file based on the Parent Request ID.

              The Bursting Listener can be added as an attribute to Bursting control file. Please see the sample control
              file for implementation details.


              Please refer userguide on how to design the control file. You can refer following articles as well

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                I keep getting error:
                [083110_105605801][][EXCEPTION] The URL ( xdo://XBOL.XXB_PPINV_ALL.en.US/?getSource=true ) is invalid.

                Can any one share some light on this?
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                  Ashish Shrivastava-Oracle
                  Make sure in xdo://XBOL.XXB_PPINV_ALL.en.US/?getSource=true,

                  XBOL is your application Short Name/Application code
                  XXB_PPINV_ALL is template code
                  en is your language
                  US is territory

                  and Template type = "rtf"

                  and you should be using this through XDOBURSTREP executable not through Java API.

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                    Email is now working - but only sends one email - instead of splitting the request per Statement.
                    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated