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    ILearning course score on the overview tab


      I've got a SCORM2004 course created in CourseLab tool imported to ILearning and I can't display course's score in the right format, on the offering details page. (tab Home -> click on the name of the offering -> offering details, http://i.imgur.com/AFYd7.png).
      The same thing happens in Transcripts section (tab Profile -> Transcripts -> column Score).
      Even though my course has maximum 7 points to earn, the final score after the course completation is always scaled to values in range 0 - 1 (1 means that user scored 7 points).
      I would like ILearning to display the real amount of the points scored. I've checked that database is holding absolute values of scores for every attempt at the offering.

      Is it the matter of configuring ILearning or should I change something in my course ?
      Is ILearning deciding how to display a score ?
      Is there any field in SCORM manifest/other configuration file, which refers to score/score format ?
      What is the difference beetwen raw score, score and scaled score in the ILearning database (eg. table ATTEMPT) ?

      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Anders Northeved-Oracle

          I don't think this has anything to do with iLearning. iLearning does not normalize the results to the interval between 0 and 1. iLearning just shows the complete score.

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            we have the same issue and we have consulted the Courselab team. We got such answer from them:

            "It seems that your LMS displays so called scaled score (i.e. real number from 0 to 1) instead of percents (1 === 5 from 5 === 100%; and 0.01 in previous case is 1 from 100, when max was set to 100). Course cannot force LMS to use specific display types - presentation of course data is beyond the scope of SCORM (or any other standard). Now your course sends score data according the standard SCORM "raw-min-max" model and your LMS interprets data correctly. But configuration of presentation of data is not CourseLab parameter, it's LMS parameter. Please try to look at LMS settings, or perhaps course/module settings in LMS. Perhaps there is checkbox "Display as percents" or similar somewhere."

            But the scoring option is available only when You create a test by the means of Oracle iLearning. So how to make Oracle iLearning interpret the score correctly?


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              Anders Northeved-Oracle
              You cannot set how scorings should be shown for normal chapters, only for test chapters (as you point out in your text).

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                Thank You for the reply. Could You suggest any solution in this situation? As we have requirement to use drag & drop, open question types, which we do miss in the test types of Oracle iLearning. Can we do score calculations in database layer? Where could I find any description about table, views and how do they reference to the pages in the Oracle iLearning?

                Thank You.

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                  Any chance you could post a link to a zip of the content or send through the sample course?
                  Would be curious to have a look at it.

                  scott dot morris at seertechsolutions dot com
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                    Hello Scott,

                    here is a link of test results (Modulis_2) in Oracle iLearning:

                    here is a link of course created in SCORM 2004 format:

                    Thank You in advance,


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                      Hi Vaida,

                      Thanks for this. It was very useful.

                      For SCORM 2004, the scaled score takes precedence over the raw score and the scaled score is what's stored on the performance table in the score column and that is what is displayed to learners in the offering details page.

                      My suggestion is to raise an enhancement request with Oracle, so that for SCORM 2004 content objects, the scaled score is converted into a percentage (multiple scaled score by 100 and stick a % sign at the end) and displayed to the learner. For our customers, our iLearningPLUS learner interface has the capability to display this in this fashion.

                      From a reporting perspective, you can run reports against the attempt table which will provide for each learner attempt, the raw score, scaled score, min and max scores.

                      Hope that helps,