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    Cancel PO with requisition Line resulting PR with Approved Status


      i need your guidance..

      i create 1 Requisition with several lines and then autocreate those with 1 PO,
      after PO get Approved, i did "CANCEL PO" from Control menu,
      with enabled flag on [..] Cancel Requisition.

      PO end with Cancelled status, but on Requisition there's strange result,
      that Requisition Header leave with APPROVED status, but all lines in CANCELLED status.

      now, when we create 1 requisition with several lines approved and did CANCEL Requisition lines,
      header status Turn into CANCELLED after last requisition lines being cancelled (or all lines being cancelled).

      so, i expect, when i did CANCEL PO from control menu with Cancel Requistion, the requisition suppose to be in CANCELLED status.

      is this correct? or i miss something on standard functionality?
      before i judge this as a bug :-)

      my ebiz version is

      thank you