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    How to calculate count of records

      I have a fact table with following columns:


      There are multiple lines for each invoice.

      I have created a AWM schema where I have a product dimension and Date dimension. Date dimension has year, month and day as one hierarcy.

      I have created a cube on this table with dimensions of date & product.

      The cube shows a summary by product as well as by date dimension. The last level of summary is based on a day. I would like to count the no of records which sum up in a day.

      For example, I need the count column in the following result set in the cube:

      01-jan-2010---Lays Chips-----20000------15000---20

      here count is the no of records which sum up to make 20000 value sales.

      what formula in AWM I have to use for this calculated measure.

      I am using AWM