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    Install Oracle BI v. - Checking swap space failed

      I'm trying to install Oracle Business Intelligence, v. on a Windows Server 2003 Version 5.2, Service Pack2, 32-bit.
      In the thread ” Install Oracle BI v. -not the proper shiphome” I found out that my problem is not the wrong shiphome, it is that my computer does not pass the control when starting the installer. Instead of continuing the old thread I’m asked to create a new one, so this is the new one.

      I run bishiphome\Disk1\install\win32\setup.exe and get the following error:
      Checking swap space: 0 MB available, 500 MB required. Failed <<<<
      Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors Higher than
      256 . Actual 65536 Passed

      Some requirement checks failed. You must fulfill these requirements before continuing with the installation,
      Continue? (y/n) [n]

      I have the following Virtual Memory
      Minmum allowed: 16 MB
      Recommended: 31070 MB
      Currently allocated: 4094 MB

      As I understand I do fulfill the requirements.

      Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

      Best regards