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    Using ANONYMOUS in apexlistener


      Oracle XE and Apex 3.2.

      EPG and Apexlistener/Glassfish both configured (glassfish on a separate server).

      The glassfish/apexlistener connection is setup using APEX_PUBLIC_USER/ thin / basic/ <IP Address>/SID=XE/Port=152

      I would like to change the apex_listener connection to use ANONYMOUS, and not disturb the EPG setup. I need to do this to investigate an issue that I have posted in another thread in this forum.

      In other words, since I do not know the ANONYMOUS user's password (I did not set it, its whatever is the default) I am not aware of how to use it in apexlistener connection.

      I am not sure what would be the impact on EPG if I change the ANONYMOUS password using ALTER USER command.

      Any inputs will be appreciate.