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    Approval Groups by Location - help needed

      The company I work for wishes to restrict requisition approvals by Deliver-To Location. From my research it appears that Location Approval Group rules are all exclude by default which is my issue.

      Say I have 10 Locations setup for my company, and I want a single Approval Group to have the ability to approve requisitions for 1 Location only. Can I add one Location "include" rule to the Approval Group causing the other 9 Locations to be excluded? Anyone have any thoughts? Can i change the default to be exclude for Locations?
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          A lot of times, the different locations will have different a/c number (i.e. one of the a/c number segments corresponds to the location).
          You can use that by define approval groups based on the location. And in each of those approval groups, you use the appropriate a/c number range as the criteria.

          Hope this helps
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Omkar Technologies Inc.
          Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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            Thanks for your response however this is not the desired outcome.

            The accounting range will be the same for all approval groups and we wish to have a Location include rule in the approval group to control what can be approved.

            I think my issue is that Location rules are "include" by default so all Locations are already included, I want to change this default to "exclude", rather that having to have many excluded Location rules in my Approval Groups.

            I've tried searching metalink but can't find this issue so need help from an expert! Thanks!