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    Starting the eai_enu

      Hey ppl,

      Im trying to activate the siebel search engine and going through the PDF I got stuck in the Web Services. The address field that contains the eai_enu is not working. The browser says that "page cant be displayed" so can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? When using the IIS option in the Control Panel and then right clicking on eai and browse the same thing happens..page cant be displayed.

      So can anyone help me in figuring out how to activate it? Because the EAI component in Siebel is online so I dont know what may cause this problem.

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          The EAI component is not designed to deliver data to a browser.
          When the EAI component is listed as Online (green state), it is active, just waiting for a proper request.

          When I test web services, I use SoapUI.
          You can export the WSDL from Siebel and import it into SoapUI.
          In SoapUI I prepare a XML request and test it.

          I have no experience with the Siebel search engine, so I can't help you with that.
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            Hey and thanks for your reply,

            Well at first the eai did work as we got the Siebel Application and when logging in the search tool bar was available..However for some reason now its not working. So if I use SoapUI will it show the Siebel Application?