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    SOA Deployment error using the ant script

      I am trying to deploy my composite using the ant-sca-deploy.xml with out any config plan.

      In the log file it was shown as build successful but when i checked in the SOA server the project was not deployed. In turn it returned an error http 404 error. Where will be connectivity error comes???

      I echoed the host name and port number. they were correct.

      log file for better understanding
      Buildfile: ant-sca-deploy.xml
      [echo] oracle.home = /app/wlsapp/product/SOA/Oracle_SOA1/bin/..

      [input] skipping input as property serverURL has already been set.
      [input] skipping input as property sarLocation has already been set.
      [deployComposite] setting user/password..., user=weblogic
      [deployComposite] Processing sar=/app/wlsapp/bpelprojects/SAMPLE/deploy/sca_SAMPLE_rev1-cmdline.jar
      [deployComposite] Adding sar file - /app/wlsapp/bpelprojects/SAMPLE/deploy/sca_SAMPLE_rev1-cmdline.jar
      [deployComposite] Creating HTTP connection to host:, port:7020
      [deployComposite] Received HTTP response from the server, response code=404
      [deployComposite] Problem in sending HTTP request to the server. Check standard HTTP response code for 404
      [deployComposite] ---->response code=404, error:null

      Total time: 1 second

      Please do the needful.