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    APEX 4.1 workspace / Oracle 11g

      During the past couple of days I'm unable to access APEX workspace, I had no issues in the past. My environment is APEX 4.1, EPG & APACHE server, windows server 2008 64 bit. I'm able to access the APEX applications and the Internal Admin without any issues, it's only when I try to access the workspaces I get the page cannot display error 404. The database alert log shows the following error after a complete shutdown and as soon as we access the workspace (only when we try to access the workspace) no error when we access the applications or the admin space*:

      Completed: ALTER DATABASE OPEN
      Wed Sep 08 14:01:24 2010
      Wed Sep 08 14:04:05 2010
      Exception [type: ACCESS_VIOLATION, UNABLE_TO_READ] [ADDR:0x0] [PC:0x97C5123, pfrinstr_BRNCNULL()+55]
      Errors in file d:\app\ag-admin\diag\rdbms\agdev\agdev\trace\agdev_ora_14324.trc (incident=30478):
      ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [pfrinstr_BRNCNULL()+55] [ACCESS_VIOLATION] [ADDR:0x0] [PC:0x97C5123] [UNABLE_TO_READ] []
      Incident details in: d:\app\ag-admin\diag\rdbms\agdev\agdev\incident\incdir_30478\agdev_ora_14324_i30478.trc

      any body had this issue before, is this a bug?


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          May be for some reason your Admin and Developer users appear to have got locked. End users have no lock checking and hence not affected.

          1. Login as Internal / Admin
          2. Go to Home- Manage Workspaces- Manage Developers and Users
          3. Edit the Admin and Developer users one by one
          4. Check Account Availability. If its Locked then you have found your problem. Make it Unlocked and Apply Changes

          • 2. Re: APEX 4.1 workspace / Oracle 11g
            we checked that already none of the users are locked.
            But thanks for the reply.
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              Did you check the contents of the d:\app\ag-admin\diag\rdbms\agdev\agdev\incident\incdir_30478\agdev_ora_14324_i30478.trc file?
              What does it say?

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                It's about 10MB file size, but this is the first portion of it:

                ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [pfrinstr_BRNCNULL()+55] [ACCESS_VIOLATION] [ADDR:0x0] [PC:0x97C5123] [UNABLE_TO_READ] []

                ========= Dump for incident 30478 (ORA 7445 [pfrinstr_BRNCNULL()+55]) ========
                ----- Beginning of Customized Incident Dump(s) -----
                Exception [type: ACCESS_VIOLATION, UNABLE_TO_READ] [ADDR:0x0] [PC:0x97C5123, pfrinstr_BRNCNULL()+55]

                Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
                Process Id: 0x000009bc Thread Id : 0x000037f4 Time : Wed Sep 08 14:04:05
                Excp. Code: 0xc0000005 Excp. Type: ACCESS_VIO Flags: 0x00000000

                ------------------- Registers ----------------------------
                ip=00000000097C5123 sp=0000000027D03D60 rp=0000000027D03E20
                r1=000007FFBFA65FB0 r2=0000000027671588 r3=000007FFBFA65FAC
                r4=0000000027671588 r5=0000000027D03D60 r6=0000000027D03E20 r7=00000000276715F8
                r8=00000000096E0000 r9=0000000027671588 r10=00000000276715F8 r11=0000000000000001
                r12=0000000000000000 r13=000000000001FDA0 r14=0000000018E99550 r15=000000000001FEC8
                ------------------- End of Registers ---------------------

                *** 2010-09-08 14:04:05.261
                ----- Current SQL Statement for this session (sql_id=dvzx8aj3wfjwn) -----
                begin declare l_p varchar2(256) := v('F4550_P1_PASSWORD');
                APEX_040000.wwv_flow_login.builder (
                p_username => :F4550_P1_USERNAME,
                p_workspace=> :F4550_P1_COMPANY,
                p_password => l_p);
                ----- PL/SQL Stack -----
                ----- PL/SQL Call Stack -----
                object line object
                handle number name
                000007FFCAA6E778 28 package body SYS.OWA_UTIL
                000007FFCAA5DAA8 138 package body SYS.OWA_COOKIE
                000007FFCA59A048 70 package body APEX_040000.WWV_FLOW_LOGIN
                000007FFCA59A958 3 anonymous block
                000007FFCA9C56C0 1815 package body SYS.DBMS_SYS_SQL
                000007FFCA9C7A20 617 package body SYS.WWV_DBMS_SQL
                000007FFCAA4A450 4543 package body APEX_040000.WWV_FLOW
                000007FFCAA4A450 14984 package body APEX_040000.WWV_FLOW
                000007FFCA5A7F70 35 anonymous block

                ----- Call Stack Trace -----
                calling call entry argument values in hex
                location type point (? means dubious value)
                -------------------- -------- -------------------- ----------------------------
                pfrinstr_BRNCNULL() 0000000000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000
                +55 000000000
                pfrrun_no_tool()+64 CALL??? pfrinstr_BRNCNULL() 027D03DA8 7FFBFA65FB0
                +0 027741D30 000000000
                pfrrun()+1213 CALL??? pfrrun_no_tool()+0 000000001 000000000 000000000
                plsql_run()+912 CALL??? pfrrun()+0 027671588 028B70810 000000000
                peicnt()+325 CALL??? plsql_run()+0 027671588 000000001 000000000
                kkxexe()+616 CALL??? peicnt()+0 027D04D10 027671588
                7FFCA616A30 000000000
                opiexe()+15209 CALL??? kkxexe()+0 0277B0258 000000003 000000102


                --------------------- Binary Stack Dump ---------------------

                ========== FRAME [1] (pfrinstr_BRNCNULL()+55 -> 0000000000000000) ==========
                defined by frame pointers 0x27d03d80 and 0x0
                CALL TYPE: ERROR SIGNALED: no COMPONENT: (null)
                Dump of memory from 0x0000000027D03980 to 0x0000000027D03D80
                027D03980 5CF7E7E8 4280A19E 00000000 00000000 [...\...B........]
                Repeat 1 times
                027D039A0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 [................]
                Repeat 11 times
                027D03A60 1713FDD0 FFFFFA80 085FB901 FFFFFA60 [.........._.`...]
                027D03A70 16BF8760 FFFFFA80 00000000 00000000 [`...............]
                027D03A80 00002000 FFFFFA60 00000000 00000000 [. ..`...........]
                027D03A90 40000A28 FFFFF6FB 18F3F5D0 FFFFFA80 [(..@............]
                027D03AA0 00000101 00060901 00000000 00000000 [................]
                027D03AB0 2EFF4000 00000000 00002000 00002000 [.@....... ... ..]
                027D03AC0 00002000 00000000 0F845840 FFFFF880 [. ......@X......]
                027D03AD0 00000000 00000000 00000002 00000000 [................]
                027D03AE0 0E09F630 FFFFF880 0F8459F0 FFFFF880 [0........Y......]

                it looks like a memory dump ... !!
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                  I think you will need to open a SR with Oracle support. ORA 7445 is an internal error.
                  • 6. Re: APEX 4.1 workspace / Oracle 11g
                    I already have an SR with Oracle; it's been going back and forth for a week now. I was just wondering if anyone has a similar situation. Or may someone found a solution to this problem.

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                      By the way all the objects int the database are valid. I started the APEX 4.1 with the EPG at the begining then I installed the APACHE from the webtier tools. Before I installed the APACHE i was able to login to the workspaces no problem. I can access the application using the EPG and the APACHE without having any issues. Now, no matter which method I use to access the workspaces, it always throw the error page cannot display 404 .... etc. Every time I try to access any workspace I get the same error reported above in the first post.

                      Any Ideas?

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                        Why exactly do you have Apache & the EPG setup in your environment? The EPG though it is rather kludge will suffice and you shouldn't need the Apache...

                        Thank you,

                        Tony Miller
                        Webster, TX

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                          we had a Virtual Circuit wait is running high error (some performanace issues when we used the EPG), our old environment was always APACHE, we never had any problems with the APACHE. Now the new environment is windows server 2008, 64 bit. Oracle APEX support suggested we install the APACHE while the number of users exceeds 100. we noticed a great differece in page load time when we installed the APACHE (much faster), but we can't access the workspace now!!?? APACHE is much faster than the EPG in our environment. We are able to access all the applications and the Internal Admin space using both methods (no problem at all).

                          • 10. Re: APEX 4.1 workspace / Oracle 11g
                            Lets try this again.. You CAN NOT RELIABLE RUN WITH BOTH THE EPG and the HTTP server software. You need to look-up in the manual on how to setup the HTTP server and disable the EPG.....

                            Thank you,

                            Tony Miller
                            Webster, TX

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                              According to APEX support I can have both running at the same time, one can be used for testing and the other for production. They told me many times that this is not an issue.
                              • 12. Re: APEX 4.1 workspace / Oracle 11g
                                You can have EPG and OHS accessing the same Apex, so long as there is no host:port conflict.

                                1. Which user have you setup in modplsql/conf/dads.conf for apex access? APEX_PUBLIC_USER?
                                2. Is the user used in DADS.CONF UNLOCKED and is its password correct in DADS.CONF?

                                EPG uses ANONYMOUS while OHS is usually setup with APEX_PUBIC_USER, hence better to verify.

                                Also, in 11g there are some ACL POST INSTALATION steps to be performed. May be worth reviewing them if you havbe not alreadyy gone over them.

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                                  APEX_PUBLIC_USER and the password is setup correctly, remember now that I can access all my applications, the issue is accessing the workspace. All post installation requirements are also setup correctly.

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                                    Try this.

                                    1. Login as Internal Admin
                                    2. Go to HomeManage ->Workspaces->Workspace Details
                                    3. Click the Edit icon on one of the workspaces to which you do not have acess currently.
                                    4. Scroll down to Component Availability
                                    5. All the 4 select list items must be Yes.

                                    If all the 4 are already Yes then try this.

                                    1. As Internal/Admin go to HomeManage InstanceSecurity
                                    2. Verify the the 4 select lists in the Security section are Yes,No,No,No.

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