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    FDM - Better Performance

      We have FDM currently running with 14 locations and need to get a view on how we can increase performance. Currently all processing is done in parallel. However the volumes of data we have still mean that it can take approx 4 hours + to process all data through FDM and I'm wanting to get a view on whether this can be improved. One location in particular has over 350k transactions that are loaded into Essbase.

      Our application server details are: 2CPU's @ 2600MHZ and 4GB Ram. We have an Oracle database using 2 tablespaces. We also have EPMA running on the same application server. This is not my area of expertise, so my apologies if there is insufficient info here.

      Has anybody connected to the forum had performance issues in the past. If so what actions where taken to remedy these?
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          It might be a mapping problem - especially at those data volumes I wouldn't expect such a dramatic processing time.

          Take a look at the import analysis report under System Reports.
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            Have you broken down the times by step (import, validation, export, load)?

            Import times are impacted by volume of data as well as import map settings. The more scripts, formulas, 'like' and 'between' records you have, the longer it will take.

            Validation time is a function of valid cell combinations. The only real way to speed this up is to reduce either the volume of data in FDM at time of validation or reduce the valid cell intersections.

            Export time is just the time it takes to save the file to the server then the time it takes to upload to target system. This is usually the quickest step and there is not a lot you can do about it.
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              This is what is expected from FDM, if you have more this much of volume. FDM takes time to import, map, delete data from seg tables, datamap tables. If you analyse your import analysis report you can see the times for each of these actions. The obvious solution is to break big loactions into multiple small locations and run them parallely. You may also want to involve your DBA to look at the tables & queries while the process is running. He maygive you pointers to imporve the performance like index creations etc.
              Thanks, AJ
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                Thanks for your responses. I'm having a look a few things suggested and will update shortly. The 'Imnport Process Analysis' has proved useful and may have highlighted an improvement I could do in mappings for one segment.
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                  The report did identify potential issues and when I changed the mappings to be explicit as opposed to ??? the timings have certainly improved. Thanks to all who responded.