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    Unable to Upload using zip file in iSetup

    740088 / 10gR2 on AIX 5.1

      I am trying to load setups using a zip file that was extracted from our dev instance. We are on patch set level 11i.AZ.H.2 and we do not have the ability to load setups using the zip file that was downloaded from our dev instance.

      When we were on 11i.AZ.F, we had the ability to load using a zip file via : Oracle iSetup >> Migration >>Loads >> Create
      There is no option to choose a file. Only snapshot option

      Prior to applying patch 11i.AZ.H.delta.2 patch 7293818, on "Load Request: Select Data Source and Target Instance" screen, screen displays the following 2 options:

      1) Load a Saved Snapshot, or
      2) Load a File from My Desktop

      However, after applying the patch, the "Search and Select: Data Source" screen shows only 1 as part of the "Search By" dropdown: Snapshot. You only see an option for snapshot. There is no option for 'file from desktop'.

      Can you please tell us how we can get this functionality back?

      We are unable to download from 1 instance, and load onto another, without having to also load the other dbc file (which we do not want to do).

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          If I understand your requirement correctly, you could use the 'Upload Extract' functionality to upload the extract zip files. Click on the 'Upload' button under the extracts menu to upload your extract zip files.
          As for the dbc files, they are required for iSetup to connect to the remote instance.