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    Default dashboard in custom web tab

      Hi Guys,

      There were amazing suggestions on manipulating dashboard. i.e by getting the custom dashboard's url and pasting in custom web tab and using it to display dashboard reports. In order to use this i had certain queries, if anyone came across them or knows solutions please share them.

      *The data in dashboard gets filtered based on visiblity, so upon using the custom tab, how will the data visibility get affected. I feel that whatever data was supposed to be appeared on dashboard, same would be on the custom web tab. Data would be filtered based on Books. It would be nice to get confirmation from you guys. Also, please share if anyone had problems, or any other alternative suggestions.

      *Our reports on the dashboard has hyperlink to "Contact" and "Account" entities, but when we place the dashboard in custom tab, navigation is possible but, the return hyperlink, doesnot navigate back to custom tab, it always redirects back to Homepage. Any suggestions to fix, please do post them.

      Thanks in Advance,