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    Nice URL's or DADs


      I was used to Oracle Apex embedded PL/SQL gateway, but since the Apex Listener, I use the listener.

      I'm not exactly sure anymore how I've created nice url's to applications, it had something to do with dads (DBMS_EPG.create_dad etc.), but I've managed to create urls like this: http://servername/application

      Does anyone know how to create those URL's in combination of the Apex Listener? I didn't install the embedded PL/SQL gateway because that's not neccecary with the listener.


      Regards, Bas
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          Hi Bas,

          the APEX listener doesn't support multiple DADs directly. What you can do is to deploy the war multiple times using different context paths and configure each deployment to your needs, e.g. a default web page that points to your application.
          That's not 100% what you can do with DAD, but you'll get your "nice" URLs.


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