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    OBIEE error during startup


      After the first installation of OBI EE 11g we got the thing working. When trying to import an existing RPD this went wrong and we started to play with the passwords.
      During this we changed the password of the BISystemUser.

      From that moment on we get the following errors on the reboot of the coreapplication in OEM Fusion Middleware Control 11g

      The total list of errors is the following:

      WSMAgentHook: An Exception is thrown: FailedAuthentication : The security token cannot be authenticated.
      Failure in Oracle WSM Agent processRequest, category=security, function=agent.function.service, application=bimiddleware#11.1.1, composite
      Failure in WS-Policy Execution due to exception
      Failure in execution of assertion {http://schemas.oracle.com/ws/2006/01/securitypolicy}wss-username-token executor class oracle.wsm.security
      Error in receiving the request: oracle.wsm.security.SecurityException: WSM-00008 : Web service authentication failed..

      Can somebody help us in getting this fixed? At this stage we can't login with any user on OBI.

      Thanks in advance for the help.

      Koen Verheyen
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          I unfortunately did basically the same thing, I set the password for the BISystemUser and now can't login to Presentation Services, BI Publisher doesn't start, and I can't login to my RPD online. WebLogic Admin Console is fine, as is EM and RTD. From what I've read, the BISystemUser is used for impersonating other users and inter component communication. That being said, I don't believe you're supposed to ever set the password as the Security manual states it's system generated. The Security Guide Chapter B explains it a little bit, something about the cwallet.sso file. I'm going to look into it further and see if I can re-create or fix that file as I believe it's the issue.


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            After some more searching, I found out how to synch the password. Go to the 'Oracle® Fusion Middleware Security Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)' manual, Chapter 3. Look at ' Configure a New Trusted User (BISystemUser)' and skip to step 9; do steps 9 - 11. Doing just this will synch up your new password you input in Admin Console with the BISystemUser's credentials in the cwallet.sso file.



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              Hi Josh,

              My case I by mistake deleted the BISystemUser.I followed the doc but just wante dto know how did you accomplish step 10.
              In WebLogic Console, click myrealm to display the Settings for <Realm> page, display the Roles and Policies tab, and add the new System user to the Global 'Admin Role'.
              I don't see how i add BISystemUser to Global 'Admin Role'.

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                it's not correct:

                Please follow this to rest your pwd:
                1) Stop system components from EM.
                Business Intelligence >Core application> Availability
                2) Log into console > changed BISystemUser password
                security realms > myreams > user and group
                3) Change password in:
                Weblogic Domain > right click on bifoundation_domain > Security > Credentials > oracle.bi.system > system.user > Edit > change the password
                4) Start BI System components from EM
                Business Intelligence >Core application> Availability
                5)Wait for 10 mins
                6) Try the new password in the OBI URL.